At mbi, we treat each client as an individual and each project as unique.

From the first discussions about your needs, through planning and drawings, to decisions, delivery and installation, you’ll know what to expect from mbi (no surprises) and then we’ll exceed those expectations.

This great service applies to furnishing any business, whatever the scale and whatever your budget. Some of our smallest customers in the past 30 years have grown into our largest clients so we know all about offering excellent reliability, stylish ideas and competitive prices to every customer.

And, on the practical side, we have a reputation for reacting swiftly to tight deadlines, we work with British manufacturers to achieve the flexibility that your scheme needs within budget and our delivery team will even remove your new furniture’s packaging as part of the service!

Photo by PiXL, courtesy of BECBC (Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster)

It’s all about mbi furnishing your business. Please contact us for an initial discussion, a free quote and space planning.