Desking Sit Stand Desks

Sit Stand Desks

Sit Stand desking is a cost effective solution responding to the ever evolving way which we work.

There was a time when sit/stand desks were a curiosity seldom seen inside a regular office setting. That’s changed!

Height adjustable desks mean you can provide your team with their best options for healthy posture and a comfortable working environment.

Flexibility is the key word – whether you’re accommodating a particular member of staff or you want to offer the option of a sit/sit or sit/stand workstation. Height adjustability is provided through various mechanisms – manual crank, release lever, electric push button or gas strut – enabling the user to quickly and easily alter the workstation height.

And if you need convincing, we have 100% record of clients trying out these desks and then deciding to buy. We even have one larger client who makes height adjustable workstations available to all their office staff.

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Progress H.685-1185mm

I frame H.630-1310mm




Freedom Lite